How to get a free Fortnite account for PS4 and PS5

If you are looking for a method to get PS4 accounts for Fortnite for free yes, you have reached the right article, because we not only will help you create a PS4 Fortnite account for free, we will also clear your doubts as you may be a little confused.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale-style game, a game that we can download completely for free, like most of the games that are available on the Play Store. The main difference between these, however, is that there is no advertising and you don't have to pay a single euro to be able to play and be the best.

In order to play Fortnite for PS4, it is necessary, to create an account with Epic Games, the developer, and creator of this game.

You should know that all multiplatform games require players to create a free account, an account with which you can check the progress of the game, make purchases ...

How to create a free Fortnite account for PS4

Although you can play Fortnite using different platforms, in all of them you will need to link your Epic account. the first step should be to enter EpicGames and once inside press the Login option to access the registration and login process.

If you have not created any yet, at the bottom click on the Register button so that the website will take you to the screen where you can create an account.

Link your PlayStation 4 or 5 account

Once you have your Epic Games account, the next step is to link this account to PS4. You only need to link the account once for the settings to be remembered, and that keeps all the achievements and content in sync.

How to win Free Fortnite Accounts for PS4

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The last step: Click on the Show Password button. Now you have to complete one of the easy and free offers. If you are connected from a computer, all you have to do is enter your email and some real information, after the site directs you to the password page.

If you are connected from the phone, you can download an application from Google Play or the App Store.

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