How to get a Free Fortnite account for Xbox

A step-by-step guide to registering and creating and winning a free Fortnite account for Xbox, and recommendations to consider in the process.

For lovers of Battle Royal-type video games, it is essential to create a Fortnite account to play on Xbox. This is a game released in 2011 and is considered one of the most played today.

To play it is necessary to have an account in Epic Games, in this way you will have all the advantages to be the best player. If you want to learn how to create your own Epic Games account to play Fortnite on Xbox, don't miss the following instructions.

Following the steps to create the account does not take more than 5 minutes and you can enjoy hours at the Battle Royal.

Register and create a Fortnite account

Registration to play Fortnite from the device you want and totally free is very simple.

The first thing you should do is access the official website of Epic Games where the game is located.

Look for the button that says " Register " to begin the process to create your new account, clicking on the button will open a new window.

Fill in the required information to create the account, remember to read and accept the terms and conditions, and finally click on " Create an account ."

When you already have your Epic Games account created, you just have to enter the game. It is located in the upper bar where you say " Fortnite ", the option " Play for free " will appear where you must click to access the game.

This game allows different users to play from different types of devices.

This means that you can play from consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, a computer and a mobile phone. For that reason, at this time you will have to select between the options from which device you will play.

When you select the device you use, the download of the game will start automatically so that you can start playing without problems.

Since you have the account, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered within the game such as special skins or limited features for weapons or accessories.

How to activate and verify your account

After creating a Fortnite account, for better security and that you can play with complete confidence, it is best to verify the account in two steps.

This makes access to your account more secure and that no one else can access your created profile. To do this you have to be in the main menu when you have already created your account.

  1. See the account details to start the verification process, to do so, first click on your username.
  2. It is in the upper right part of the screen and now click on " Account" to see the details.
  3. The first option that appears is account verification via email.
  4. Click on " Send verification" to receive a code in the email you linked when creating your account.
  5. In the email look for the message sent by Epic Games and click the verification link to continue. When you reopen the screen on the Epic Games page, your account will already be verified successfully.

Recommendations to take advantage of Fortnite

The official page of Epic Games and its special section for Fortnite has different tips and tricks at different times of the year.

In addition to creating a Fortnite account, it is best to constantly check the news on both portals and thus have knowledge of the new tools that you can use as a strategy within the game.

This is done very simply, you just have to be aware of the news and updates that are published about the game.

Fortnite usually has many updates and in the news section, you will see all the new features that are in each update.

Learn to connect your account with another platform, it is a way to play with the same account from different places without having to create new accounts each time.

To do this you just have to go to your account details and click on " Connect accounts ". Add the different platforms from which you play to turn your account into multiplatform gaming.

By linking the different platforms you use, you can increase your level of play no matter which console you use.

In this way, it will be easier to keep the data on your games, increase the level easily, and keep a diary of the trophies won with each game.

How to win a free Fortnite account for Xbox from

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First Step: You have to choose a free Fortnite account that suits you, try to view the photos and videos of each account.

Second Step: You need to copy the e-mail of the account, through which you will log you into the game.

The last and important step: You need an account password, press the Show password button, wait a little while, a page will appear containing many easy and free offers, all you have to do is complete one of these offers.

If you are connected from the phone: You can download a free application from Google Play or Play Store.

If you are connected from a computer, there are many easy offers, in which you enter your information such as email and real name.

After completing the offer, a page will appear where you will find the email, the password, as well as other information about the account.

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